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Advanced Recognition Core (ARC)

AiVEZA is a cutting-edge recognition solution at the forefront of the IT landscape, employing sophisticated computer vision algorithms and biometric authentication techniques. By harnessing the power of computer vision, AiVEZA analyzes visual data to extract meaningful information, while its biometric capabilities enable precise identification based on unique physiological or behavioral characteristics. This integrated approach ensures robust and reliable results, making AiVEZA an indispensable tool for various applications requiring precise recognition and authentication capabilities.

Key Features

Integrate cutting-edge computer vision and biometrics onto your existing systems.

Palm Recognition

Effortlessly verify identities with our contactless palm recognition, offering a hygienic and efficient solution for access control and authentication.

Vehicle Identification

Unlock comprehensive insights with our vehicle make, model, and color recognition capabilities, providing valuable data for law enforcement, parking management, and more.


Seamlessly identify individuals with precision using our contact fingerprint recognition, ensuring secure access control and authentication.


Experience unparalleled accuracy in facial recognition technology, enabling swift and reliable identification for enhanced security and convenience.


Stay ahead of the curve with our advanced number plate recognition system, facilitating automated monitoring and enforcement for enhanced safety and security

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