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AiVEZA is a product of R8CODE Pty LTD. WE are a South African company that is bringing artificial intelligence solution as a service to you both as free service for a limited number of users/transactions and a paid service as per your budget


Integration with our platform is a straight forward process. Signing up on our platform is all that it takes. The rest is a walk through.

If your project requires biometrics or computer vision integration such as facial recognition, motor vehicle identification / classification (here, we are talking about identifying a car by its make, model and colour from a picture), e.t.c – sign up on our platform!

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AiVEZA supports fingerprint recognition from various fingerprint capturing devices. Simply send your fingerprint specimen in the required format and AiVEZA will match it again your database



When you select facial recognition service on your profile, AiVEZA will create a facial recognition database for you. All your facial recognition queries will be matched against this database. You can scale up or down your database according to your needs. 



Did you know that a phone camera with good focus can accurately capture palmprint for recognition? Yes, you heard that right! AiVEZA supports palmprint recognition from palmprint images with ease!



Do you have a product that needs to identify motor vehicle by make, model and  colour? Our platform does exactly that! When you send a vehicle image for identification on our platform, AiVEZA will tell you exactly what vehicle is on the image, its colour and model.



AiVEZA can automatically recognition and identify motor vehicle license plate. Once again, you simply give our platform the image of interest and let the magic of AiVEZA take place.

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