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Palm print recognition is a biometric authentication method based on the uniquely detailed patterns of individuals’ palms. This system uses an automatic device, or mobile phone-app enabled scanner which takes closeup photos of the different dimensions and spots found within one’s palm. These images are then sent to a processing program that matches them against those stored in records for individuals.

The amount of detail captured through this process makes false negatives nearly improbable while making alternative forms of tampering virtually impossible – just imagine trying to forge someone else’s prints without ever having met them!

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Frequently asked questions

What is Biometrics?

Biometrics are unique personal behaviors or attributes that allow digital identification systems to verify the identity of a person. Some common biometric identifiers include facial patterns, finger prints, eye alignment, and typing cadence.

Why are Businesses Using Biometrics for Authentication?

From facial recognition to fingerprint scanning, over 75% of people are using or currently using some form of biometric technology. This percentage speaks to the many businesses that have incorporated this tech into their security systems. For instance, Apple normalized the use of FaceID with the iPhone X and Barclays introduced a finger vein scanner to confirm identity. With biometrics, organizations can keep sensitive data secure by ensuring that only authorized users can access it. Your company’s biometrics system will benefit your business greatly – keeping hackers at bay- while providing a solution for you too!

Is Palm Scanning accurate?

The intricate pattern of the veins in your palm is so unique that the scan has an accuracy rate of 99%, while fingerprints are less accurate.

What is Palm biometrics?

A biometric palm vein scanner uses a near-infrared light wave to capture the vein pattern in a patient’s palm. This scan produces a unique biometric template that is a digital representation of the patient’s unique vein pattern.

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The advantages of Biometric Solutions


Security Improvement and Fraud Prevention

The top priority of any business is to keep its customers’ and employees’ personal information safe from cybercriminals. If you fail at this task, you will suffer both legal and financial repercussions.


Enhanced User Experience

With biometrics, digital identities are managed to ensure that all your employees and clients can only access the resources they’re authorized for. Biometric recognition saves a lot of time because it eliminates manual processes, including username and password changes. Eliminating manual processes means people can quickly log in without wasting any extra time getting things done. Clients and employees alike will appreciate how easy it is to get going when they don’t have to do anything manually!


Easy Integration

Cloud systems are already configured, and they quickly and easily integrate into your legacy technology. Once you subscribe to a cloud environment and choose an Aiveza provider you instantly set up biometrics for employees without capital expenditure, integration costs or employment of I.T. specialists. If your biometric system undergoes any problems at all, our Aiveza provider provides you with whatever technical assistance is necessary.