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With advanced technology coming through at every turn, it’s no wonder facial recognition is becoming an increasingly popular method of security, healthcare, and so much more..

These technologies are dynamic and extremely powerful when they identify gender, facial expressions, age, and makeup of passing crowds. Moreover, many companies accurately tell someone’s age within a 5 year span based on details such as an onlookers mood which is valuable to marketers because consumers tend to show their feeling toward brands at different hours of the day or week.

Frequently asked questions


What is Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition is the process of identifying people by their features – such as eye color, eyebrow shape and nose height. To do so, facial recognition software relies on integrated images or footage taken from an individual’s face.

How does Facial Recognition work?

Using complex computer algorithms and digital sensor mapping, commercial software captures images of faces and detects specific geometric features.

The captured data is assigned to a mathematical model which compares the similarities of those targeted qualities against stored records in a database. Some programs map the face; measuring distances between eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Others create an abstract representation based on detected likenesses in depth and angle. Either way, this tool generates coordinates for every captured image—a string of numbers identifying each individual’s relation to one another within a single group.

This powerful technology is then capable of identifying gender (although some people may be considered nonbinary), facial expression (from happy to sad), age ranges – sometimes down to five years difference – as well as drawing out details from what someone was doing when they were photographed such as their mood or time frame it was taken in (morning commuters versus night clubbing).

Why Choose Aiveza for your Identification Solutions?

We’re here to demystify the perplexing world of Facial Recognotion Time & Attendance. But don’t worry! It’s a lot easier than it sounds!

Facial Recognition can seem complicated when you first get started, but there are some really big advantages to using it too.

We’ll break down what this kind of security entails, both the positives and negatives, as well as providing expert insight from someone who has been in the business for over thirty years

How are companies using Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition technology is increasingly being used all around the world for a variety of different reasons. From securing facilities to authenticating identities, there are many ways that this form of technology has become crucial in the modern era. Some hospitals have started scanning people’s faces using thermography scanners to make sure they’re okay. Airports use it for monitoring immigration and recording who attended what flight. Facial recognition software will continue to be applied in various ways over time—from biometrics sign-ins to educational platforms, so stay tuned!

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Aiveza Benefits


Automated Time Recording System

Face recognition-based attendance systems may totally automate the time-consuming process of monitoring entrance and exit. As these face recognition machines are capable of independently finding, recognizing, and registering faces there is no need for human interaction or any other form of verification; plus the machine’s advanced algorithm will take care of everything.


More precise and improved employee attendance

Globally, Time and Attendance have always been an issue. This type of thievery not only harms business profitability but does so at the expense of innocent colleagues who do things honestly. Employees can’t wait for new technology such as a facial recognition system for tracking attendance because then they would no longer need to manually record worker arrival and departure times- just go here and start logging them yourself! In addition to making workplaces safer by reducing potential risks for dishonest activity, this cutting-edge tech provides accurate data about where everyone was at all given moments during the day.



Saving time is equivalent to saving money, and this principle also applies in the workplace. Face recognition attendance systems have been proven to work wonders for business managers who are seeking convenience as well as accuracy. With face recognition apps in place, employees no longer have to worry about filling out forms or paperwork; they simply take a photo of themselves using their smartphone instead. When it comes down to it – these apps save both time and money, even though there may be an initial investment cost involved with installing them initially.