Automated Licence Plate identification


GO Beyond traditional licence plate Recognition

Deploy license plate and vehicle recognition with Aiveza enhances business capabilities, automates tasks, and increases overall community safety! Aiveza suite of solutions designed to provide invaluable vehicle intelligence.

Aiveza offers solutions that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to greatly surpass legacy OCR solutions. Now, in real-time, users can receive a vehicle’s plate number, make, model, color, and direction of travel.

Frequently asked questions


How is ANPR used today?

The reason why this technology became so popular is because it’s continuously being updated. The improvements of video analytic and data are causing ALPR to improve dramatically, adapting for today’s needs. Now, there are two types of this technology – automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and automatic container code recognition (ACCR). Both do different jobs but each does an important task that helps keep us up-to-date with the latest innovations in security tech.

How can ANPR help with site access?

The Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) system can be used to control entry to a site or parking space when a car has registered its number plate. Visitors are able to enter seamlessly if their registration is submitted before visiting a new location, and this information may then be stored for future visits. This helps protect from trespassers and provides improved visitor experience.

For sites with paid entry and parking systems, ALPR can be used to track visitors who make payments automatically via phone or smartcard. This reduces queues for tickets at entrances and improved cash flow by reducing instances of missed charges

Why Choose Aiveza for your Identification Solutions?

We’re here to demystify the perplexing world of vehicle access control. But don’t worry! It’s a lot easier than it sounds!

Vehicle access control can seem complicated when you first get started, but there are some really big advantages to using it too.

We’ll break down what this kind of security entails, both the positives and negatives, as well as providing expert insight from someone who has been in the business for over thirty years

How is video data analytics improving ANPR?

 Advanced video data analytics (powered by machine learning) is bringing more uses for ANPR. Vehicle make and model recognition can be analysed and compared with the make and model on record for a certain license plate to quickly identify a stolen vehicle or fraud. A vehicle or container that’s left in the wrong place can be automatically flagged for investigation. Red-light violations, unsafe driving (such as driving the wrong way up a street) and vehicles using an incorrect lane (like a bus lane) can be alerted to the transport police for follow-up.


Aiveza Benefits


Easy and efficient

Fortunately, an ANPR system is both easy and efficient. People can come and go as they please without a need for you to do anything- but at the same time, you will always know who enters your premises.


Provides evidence

Similar to CCTV, Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems can provide you with the data of when someone was at your premises. The images captured by this camera can be used as evidence and will provide valuable information that may be necessary during an investigation. When showing an image of who was present while they were visiting your business, all you need is one short amount of footage to prove who it was.


Installing automatic number plate recognition

All in all, ANPR systems are incredibly useful security solutions and many would say that they are the best solution for company car parks. Many companies are moving away from automatic gate systems and solely using automatic number plate recognition to ensure that all vehicles in their car park have permission to be there.